Are you insecure about your presentation skills? Do you want to learn how to present in a convincing way? Do you want to learn the secrets of how to engage with your audience and how to get your message across?


It is important to present your ideas, products and services/advice to the public. Presenting effectively is a very important skill in doing this successfully. Presenting to an audience is often necessary, if not crucial, if you want to attain more in your work.

Think of the authors of today. It is no longer sufficient for them to sit in an attic writing their novels. Nowadays, authors have to present themselves to the public if they want their books to be sold. Scientists needing a sponsor or a grant for a new project will generally have to present their proposal to a committee. Or imagine trying to convince your board of directors to support your new ideas, or simply leaving a good impression during an important conference.

In a tight job market, it is important to distinguish yourself and manage your own PR. A perfect way to do this is to increase your visibility by presenting in an effective and professional manner. Presenting with Impact gives you all the tools you need to do this.


The Presenting with Impact course teaches you how to be an effective presenter. The training is offered in three formats.

  • Three 3-hour coaching meetings. Three meetings of three hours to learn all the necessary basics of presenting. Areas covered range from preparing a presentation to dealing with nerves and handling questions. Price per meeting (excluding tax) is € 195.00.
  • Two-day group training. In-house training over two days for a maximum of six participants. The topics covered will teach you all the necessary basics of presenting in English. Price for the two days (excluding tax) is € 3,000.00.
  • Tailor-made training. For information on a tailor-made program for your organization or for information on sessions covering advanced presentation skills, please contact me via email (info@presentingwithimpact.nl).


For Whom?

Presenting with Impact is specialized in training highly educated professionals, such as consultants, company directors, scientists, policy makers, PhD students and computer scientists.

Highly educated professionals are inclined to only focus on content when they present. A “content only” presentation, however, will not be enough to convince your audience of something or to get your message across.

To present professionally and effectively you also have to be conscious of how you present and the contact you make with your audience. In short, presenting well is a complex skill.

Presenting with Impact is geared towards guiding highly educated professionals in this process. By using a step-by-step approach to develop presenting skills, people who complete the program become clear and engaging presenters.

Participants feedback

“After the coaching, I view presenting more as a fun challenge instead of a big mountain that needs to be conquered.”

“Mabel listens and observes really well, before she gives instructions or advice. The effect of this is that her instructions or advice really work and resonate with you.”

“My situation before and after the training is really different. Only after an exercise of 15 minutes, my presentation has become far more effective”.

“Overall, a very good course and coach!”

“I found the training very useful, fun and instructive. I think your coaching is an absolute tip for people that dread having to present.”

“You could precisely pinpoint the weak spots in my presentation and presentation style. The advice you give can really be put to practice. The coaching was well prepared and offered a clear step by step plan.”

“Last week I joined the biggest on-line stock Exchange debate of the Netherland. Over 3700 viewers chose me as their winner. I would like to thank you again for your training!”

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